What are the perspectives of the dispatcher? Here, there are no limits. Experts assure that during the most difficult period of work for dispatchers, and we are talking about the period of the onset of covid, experienced specialists could drive no more than 7 trucks at the same time. They were hard to find. And yes, their earnings have plummeted to no more than $4,000 a month. But in a good period, when the market is on the rise, you can earn from $ 10,000 and more! Of course, provided that you are a good dispatcher and can drive your 7 trucks.

In addition, you can start your own company! The path from a novice dispatcher to the owner of his own logistics company is thorny, but quite real. After three years of active practice, you can already be called a full-fledged truck dispatcher and it is up to you to decide how to develop. You can search for cargo yourself and not share the profit with anyone. You can dispatch, say, a member of your family who has bought his first truck, started a company, and doesn’t want the money to leave the family. You can buy trucks yourself and train new dispatchers for drivers. Or you can open your own company to provide dispatch services to the US market.

There are a lot of options, it all depends on your faith in yourself and your desire not to depend on anyone. In any case, many professionals, having worked for themselves, went into earnings of 10-20 thousand dollars a month and more. There are no limits here. Neither in development, nor in earnings!