“We often have similar situations at work, when the driver sent the wrong papers, he indicated the wrong time, or the broker just sent the amount to the wrong factoring company,” says Brian – the cause of failures may be incorrect numbers in the papers or their absence, the wrong amount in bills or other related expenses. In addition, the reason may be delays in money transfers from the broker or factoring company. And the third reason for interruptions in remittances is what everyone is afraid of. Claims. Can it be argued that in this chain it is the dispatcher who most often receives his money without any problems? Of course, he gets a percentage. As a rule – 1, 5 from each load, which was issued and successfully closed.

Can it be argued that the dispatcher invests a minimum of his financial resources in the scheme for the delivery of goods and in payment for services? Of course! If the reasons for the failure of payments are not his fault, he will still definitely receive his money.

When can he not receive his interest? Only if the failures in payments happened solely through his fault. Therefore, yes, it is obvious that the work of a dispatcher is very profitable, since such a specialist practically does not invest any personal financial resources in the work and his earnings mainly depend on skills, as well as on his professionalism.