The growth is due to the fact that California and logistics training seaports recorded an increase in the volume of imported goods in July 2020 compared to July 2019.

Since mid-August, U.S. intermodal rail transportation has stalled at 278,210 units, up 1.9% from the 2019 period, though up just 0.4% from the previous week. .

Wagon transportation of goods in the United States amounted to 222,353 units, which is 15.9% less than in 2019, and 0.9% higher than the previous week.

The total volume of rail transportation for the year in the United States decreased by 12.2% compared to last year.

The uncertain situation with the virus for the autumn-winter period affects not only the railways, but also the entire supply chain. For example, the consulting company Armstrong & Associates Inc. The third-party logistics industry is expected to experience a fall in gross revenue in 2020, a record decline for the second consecutive year. The company forecast that 3PL’s gross revenue in the country this year will be $208 billion, almost $5 billion below its 2019 level.

The increase in intermodal activity raises questions about the readiness of rail networks to provide the capacity needed to handle increased volumes.