These are employees in the field of logistics who are responsible for the correct management and operation of the trucker, as well as for the favorable pricing policy of the cargo.

The dispatcher works with the truck driver, he is looking for cargo for him through a broker, which is beneficial for both the driver and the broker himself. After that, the working moments between the broker and the driver are agreed upon (including pricing policy), and the goods are sent on their way. This is taught in the

The dispatcher also monitors the movement of vehicles, the condition of the equipment, is responsible for receiving and transmitting all related information related to the delivery of cargo, resolves schedule issues with the driver, all important delivery details (time and place of loading), takes into account the driver’s requirements for rest intervals. This work does not require large financial investments from a person, but the dispatcher’s profit depends entirely on his diligence and skills.

As soon as the goods are delivered to the place, the work of the dispatcher is considered completed. He receives a percentage from the client. Percentage of the transaction.

Becoming a dispatcher is easy. To do this, you need to have several qualities: – sociability; – basic knowledge of English; – patience; – stress tolerance.

Dispatching is relevant for any type of transport in the country. Not only logistics, but also, for example, the shipping industry. Many become freight agents or freight brokers at first, and then open their own shipping companies.

Logistics dispatchers sometimes drive themselves, or buy several trucks, transforming into owners of transport companies for cargo transportation. The choice is great, and the possibilities in this area are endless. The main thing here is a good education, as well as knowledge of all the “pitfalls” in the profession.